Learn more about Scot Patterson, a versatile residential building contractor and real estate investor in Eugene, Oregon

I have been licensed as a general contractor since 1979 and started buying and selling houses in 2002. I have extensive experience in all aspects of residential construction and a practical knowledge of real estate investments.

General Contractor, CCB #24412

Although I have built several new homes, I am best known as a remodeling contractor.

A Short List of Typical Projects

  • New home construction – foundation to final touches
  • Additions (and subtractions)
  • High-end kitchens
  • Bathroom makeovers
  • Routine maintenance on rental properties
  • Detailing houses before they are sold to maximize their market value
  • Light commercial – build-outs and updating office spaces

Successful remodeling projects require a delicate dance between contractor and client. I fully appreciate the fact that the client is entrusting to me their most important asset – their home – and give every detail careful consideration.

What I Bring to Every Project

  • Good communication and problem-solving skills
  • A resolute commitment to design fundamentals
  • A broad range of construction skills
  • A hand-selected team of subcontractors who work efficiently together

What Perfect Clients Do

  • Make timely decisions
  • Clearly describe their expectations
  • Remain calm in the midst of all the dust and noise
  • Show their appreciation and make timely payments

In many ways the client-contractor relationship is like a marriage without the intimacy. I may need to talk to you about money or give you the day’s assigned tasks before you’ve had your first cup of coffee. My clients tend to be business professionals and professors who appreciate my problem-solving skills and attention to detail. I have a college degree and a wide range of interests (chemistry, particle physics, sailing, ballroom dancing, impressionist oil painting, and I am a published author), which makes for interesting conversations on the job site. I enjoy my work and take pride in putting my name on the completed project.

Real Estate Investor

Investing in real estate is a natural extension of my construction career. My skills as a remodeling contractor, familiarity with the Eugene-Springfield area, and reputation for making reasonable offers give me an advantage in finding and evaluating potential projects. I work with several private investors and can pay cash for properties that do not qualify for conventional loans. I offer a convenient exit strategy for owners of estate properties, rentals, and residences needing clean up and repair.  I have included an article on this website entitled Selling Homes for Cash: What You Need to Know to provide additional information. 

The seller’s privacy is maintained, cash on the table, no contingencies.

The best transactions are those that work well for both buyer and seller. I am sensitive to the circumstances and needs of the seller, and promote a friendly and straightforward approach to doing business. In a small town like Eugene, reputation is everything.

-- Scot Patterson